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TLC Idea Lab (Teaching and Learning Center) Capacity: 25

TLC Idea Lab


The TLC Idea Lab is specifically designed and equipped to support active learning, design thinking and project teaming with flexible configurations and learning technology that promote idea sharing and
collaboration. The Idea Lab can accommodate up to 25 learners with comfortable seating and  reconfigurable tables specifically designed for easy arrangement to support a wide variety of group or session

The lab includes an 84” Microsoft Surface Hub providing a presentation capability and a wide variety of communication and information capturing applications including video teleconferencing. Facilitators and
students can easily share information using their tablets, phones or laptops by casting their device displays directly to the Surface Hub.

Power Available


Second floor building 1405 Room number 229... Please note that all rooms are mediated and are on a first come first serve basis, but the reservations can be denied or changed at the discretion of the Teaching and Learning Center based on needs. Please refrain from using harsh chemicals, cleaners, and alcohol to sanitize sensitive electronic items such as VR headsets and touch screens.

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